Today’s Hill Repeat Ride Report

I went out for a hill repeat workout today. There is a nice wide creek valley about five minutes from a park where I like to base my rides. I rode down into the valley, put the bike in the small crank and 2nd easiest gear then hit the hill. First time wasn’t too bad. I made it progressively more difficult by shifting into a more challenging gear on each of the next two climbs. It wasn’t as hard a workout as I expected, so I think I need to find a longer hill. This one appears to be about 50 feet in the steep section I used for the repeats.

I meant to snap a photo of the hill from the base. Next time. Here’s the ride’s elevation map:

I was out for about 25 minutes and did 412 ft. of climbing. My heart rate peaked at 92% of my max (I’d like to get that higher).

A workout like this is intentionally short and intense, but I don’t feel exhausted like I would have from a multi-hour ride, and it was fun! Don’t be scared of hill repeats. On a short ride like this it’s not nearly as hard as you might expect. Remember the benefits of this style of riding.

Postscript: I’m working on a followup to my previous post on longevity. Should be out later this week.

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